CISF is accepted into the ISA

Press Statement

24th March 2017

The Channel Islands Surfing Federation’s application to gain membership to the International Surfing Association (ISA) has now been officially approved.

The momentous announcement, made by Fernando Aguerre President of the ISA today, entitles the Channel Island teams to compete and be represented at every ISA sanctioned world championship event across all disciplines for both juniors, seniors and adaptive surfing.

Members of every surf club in both Jersey and Guernsey will now have the opportunity to be selected for a Channel Island’s team to complete at ISA sanctioned world class evens, avoiding the previous need to qualify for the Great British Team. This increases the opportunity for local surfers from every discipline as a full team from the Channel Islands can now attend every ISA sanctioned event.

David Ferguson President of the CISF said: ‘There has been a lot of hard work and collaboration between all of the different surf clubs both in Jersey and Guernsey to achieve membership of the ISA. It is a great example of the clubs and islands working together for the future of our sport.Membership will provide more surfers from all disciplines the opportunity to compete at an international level. This can only be good for the sport here in the Channel Islands. We would also welcome the opportunity to organise and bring one of these world class events to the islands in the future. These are highly exciting times for our sport and the Channel Islands. I would like to thank the many supporters and sponsors for their continued support to the sport of surfing in both islands. Plus thank both the States of Guernsey and Jersey for their assistance in gaining membership to the International Surfing Association.’

The ISA World Championships take place annually for short boarding, long boarding, bodyboarding, stand up paddle boarding and adaptive surfing. Each discipline being a separate event in different locations around the world attracting the very best international surfers.

Connetable Steve Pallett Assistant Minister with responsibility for Sport commented on the news: ‘Gaining ISA membership recognises that sport in Jersey can compete at an international level. The work done by the local clubs demonstrates how through continued development, commitment and support sportsmen and women can complete at the highest levels.The continued development of surfing, and all sports, across the Channel Islands receives my full support and I congratulate the CISF and all the local clubs for gaining ISA membership. I wish all surfers, who will represent the Channel Islands on the international stage, the very best of luck at all future ISA and other events.’

The ISA world championships are known and perceived as the "Olympics" of surfing. The ISA headed up Fernando Aguerre is the organisation that campaigned for 22 years to get surfing into the Olympics and successfully achieved this last year.   It was announced in August 2016, that short board surfing will be included in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The ISA sanctioned competitions are attended by over 20 countries and have a significant international audience and most are streamed live around the world.

Having gained membership the local clubs are now looking towards upcoming events. Those being the World Surfing Games in Biarritz (20>28th May), the World Stand Up Paddle Board World Championship in Denmark (Sept 1-10th), and the Junior World Championships in Japan (Sept 23th to -1st Oct). Plans are now being prepared to send Channel Island teams to the above events.


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