Jersey Surfing Legends at Big Vern’s

Jersey Surfboard Club Legends Doug Creedon, David Beaugeard, Stephen Harewood and David Grimshaw enjoying a catch up at Big Verns while looking at a rather impressive book written by American writer Jim Heimann which has the classic line up pic of 1959 by the late John Houiellebecq, and pic of Ian Harewood (Steve's brother) travelling through South Africa in it..

DSC_5927 DSC_5923 DSC_5915 DSC_5911 DSC_5905 Jersey Surfboard club stalwarts, Doug Creedon, David Beaugeard, Stephen Harewood, David Grimshaw                                                              looking through a new Surfing book written by Jim Heimann who actually mentioned the JSC (pic bottom right)  Picture: DAVID FERGUSON