The Channel Island Junior Team reach 6th Place in the Eurosurf 2016 Anza, Morocco

Reporting - Jane Williams and Photographer Gabbs Taylor

Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Morocco.... 15 countries and 170 competitors....

This has been the most amazing trip in which every single one of the team has exceeded all expectations in their surfing ability and their competition experience. We have incredible team players, who have never stopped trying, never stopped being supportive of each other and who have an incredible team spirit. Our team have learnt so much about surfing and themselves and many personal bests have been achieved and all of us here are so proud of each and everyone of them. They are all stars and this trip will be remembered for many years.

So many thank you's to be said:

Massive thanks to Karen Walton, the ESF, Huw Rui, Tiago and The Moroccan surf federation in providing the experience....the whole Moroccan atmosphere has been amazing. We have all loved Morocco and the kindness and generosity of the Moroccan people. Thank you to all the teams.....We've made new friends.

Thank you everyone from home, the Lovely messages of support along with JEP coverage has meant so much....the team have loved them all.

Mourant Ozannes you are amaze balls, especially Simon Gould and Ed Devenport.....you believed......

many thanks to the parents at home, your support in this trip has been so appreciated and couldn't have happened without you.

Lastly, very special thanks to the parents who came to Morocco.... we were definitely the best huddlers and the loudest chanters: Suki, Simon, Sean, Tobi, Pete, Jason and lil ole me

Gus Brewer, Hayden Bishop, Will Masterman, Gabs Taylor, Finlay Mathews, Claudia Cosgrove, Kitty Brewer, Jean-Louis Pritchard, Byron Stolte....The Mourant Ozanne junior CI team surfed in the European Junior Championships in Morocco in 2016.... you guys are a lot of fun and a total Inspiration