Pipeline-By Samuel Lempriere 10 yrs Academy Group/Pipeline

Pipeline Hawaii
Empty wave at Banzai Pipeline
The Banzai Pipeline, or simply “Pipeline or “Pipe” is a surf reef break located in Hawaii. Pipeline is one of the best waves in the world, it is notorious for huge waves which break in shallow water just above a sharp and cavernous reef, forming large, hollow, thick curls of water that surfers can tube ride. There are three reefs at Pipeline in progressively deeper water further out to sea that activate according to the increasing size of the approaching ocean swells.
Pipeline got its name in December 1961, when surfing movie producer Bruce Brown was driving the North with California surfers Phil Edwards and Mike Diffenderfer. Brown stopped at the then-unnamed site to film Edwards catching several waves. At the time, there was a construction project on an under ground pipeline on adjacent Kamehameha Highway, and Diffenderfer made the suggestion to name break “Pipeline”.
Numerous surfers and photographers have been killed at pipe, including Jon Mozo and Tahitian Malik Joyeux, who was famous for his heavy charging at Teahupo'o.
By Samuel Lempriere